Patient Reviews 

"its wonderful to know that you have a highest caliber within city limits,stay local because she is worth it."

-R.Portis. Jan 10,2018

"I put all my trust in Dr Duggal. So far she has made me feel at ease. It feels good to be in someone's hands that knows what shes doing. I am very happy with Dr Duggal."                          

-Flor R. Nov 1,2017

"When I came to see Dr Duggal she diagnosed my medical problem and realized I was allergic to a medication that I was taking that had me in the hospital near death. After my care with Dr. Duggal, I feel like I'm living my life again. Two years ago I was sick, tired with anxiety, irritable, no patience. Now I have so much energy I feel normal again. I can keep up with my kindergarten class that I teach. She made me feel special not just another patient walking through the door."            

-Patricia June 08,2017

"When I went in to see her , she heard me and supported me , she validated me , she was attentive , warm and her spirit was amazing. Dr.Duggal allowed me to take total control of my choices regarding my health and fully supported my decision. I would highly recommend her to family and friends because she believed in me, Today I am off diabetes medicines and body building at my new healthy weight. I now wear a size small, Thank You Dr. Duggal."                                                                          

 -Nancy S Dec 13,2016

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